It's Growing

Garnett Silk - It's Growing (Play List)

Garnett Silk - It's Growing

My love is stepping up
I know my love is stepping up

It's growing
This love inside of me
Oh, and it's showing
Shining so bright
It's growing
This love of mine
Yes, and it's showing
Just can't hide

(Verse 1)
So long we've been together
Can't keep you to myself
Got to share you with another
Got to share you with someone else

(Verse 2)
Come on my brothers and sisters
Let's not waste our times
We got to move together
Let's synchronize our minds

(Verse 3)
A prayer for you and a prayer for me
Let's live and love in harmony
Only love can set us free

Love is the answer
I know
Whoa it's growing
It's showing
It's growing

Garnett Silk (born Garnet Damion Smith April 2, 1966 – December 9, 1994)